Prayer Ministry Prayer

Rochester Prayer Ministries exists to equip the church to become a House of Prayer for all nations, releasing God’s power for revival and finishing the task of world evangelization. We work to transform lives by teaching prayer. We do this through consulting, teaching, developing resources, discipling, networking, and partnering.

Prayer is the way we make contact with God. It is simple communication with our Creator. Prayer is one of the most self-revealing acts of a human being. It is crying out to Him and pouring our soul out to His. Through prayer, we let God know what we need. More importantly, prayer is listening for His voice. It serves as a way to know God and activate Him in our lives.

We welcome you to become a part of this ministry.  We invite you to pray with us and to receive prayer. We meet weekly, before services and special services. Meeting times are listed in our weekly bulletin and on our website.

Monday night at 7PM.